Education in Russia

First of all, you need to fax or e-mail the following documents:

1 copy of the document on education with a list of subjects and grades (with translation into Russian or English);

2 copy of the national passport;

3 completed application form (application form you can send a staff of educational institutions).

After receiving these documents, the university will agree on the possibility of your training on the chosen specialty. If learning is possible, the university prepares for you a formal invitation, which is necessary to obtain a visa to enter Russia. Approximate time of the invitations from 3 to 5 weeks, it cost about $ 50. The procedure for obtaining the invitation to align with the university.

The invitation can be sent to you by express mail or by fax. If you are on the territory of Russia, you can get an invitation directly to the university. When prompted, be sure to check the spelling of your name and other data. Spelling of the name in the invitation must match the spelling of the name in the passport and in your documents on education .


You can come to study in the chosen educational institution is by invitation issued by that institution.

The entry visa to Russia is made on the basis of this invitation !

By law, the enrollment of foreign students in educational institutions for training in basic educational programs VPO carried out in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation for the expense of the budget (including within the quotas set by the Government of the Russian Federation), as well as contracts with payment.